Garage Conversions

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Garage Conversions

A garage conversion is a great way to create new living space without having an extension. These are particularly useful when a garage is hardly in service or needs a refurbishment.

Your garage conversion will totally complement the rest of your home, adding character to the property, and increasing the property’s value.

Our great garage conversions can turn an uncared-for area into an amazing extra room for your home. We offer great variety in our services, allowing you to create the perfect imaginable room.

Bespoke Garage Conversions

Our bespoke garage conversion services cater for any type of garage, whether single, double or triple. You can implement your garage conversion ideas and we will immediately begin planning it.

The materials we use are of the highest quality to carry out conversions. Our conversions perform under any given weather, ensuring you the maximum possible choice over room preference.

We ensure that this is possible by insulating your garage conversion using premium materials, offering a cost-effective alternative to extra space without investing in a new property.

Garage Conversions

Professional Service

We offer professional advice on our garage conversions to assist you in the right direction. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process that promises to be quick and effective.

When you have decided, we will begin getting the required planning permission for your project. As soon as this is sorted, we get stuck into the work right away. We want you to enjoy your new conversion as soon as possible.

The service provided is entirely professional, undertaking extrusion of materials in the least intrusive and most productive of measures. While we’re in the garage working, you’ll be able to happily relax indoors.

Seamless Conversions

The idea of converting your garage into a new room may appear scary. However, with our completely bespoke all in one service, we supply and install all the furniture and accessories. You’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Your garage conversion couldn’t be any simpler, we have many of our own ideas and are completely open and skilled to listen to new ones. Our approach is aimed at making the conversion stress free.

You have complete control over the design and finish of your garage conversion. We handle the plumbing, electricity, carpentry and heating, to make a seamless transition into a habitable room.

Organised Conversion

With a lot of on goings for your garage conversion, we appreciate we hold a large responsibility. A highly skilled project coordinator shall take care of you and monitor the construction carefully.

We implement a site plan before construction, which we take the time to discuss with you personally. Our contractors are all aware about times and are fully trained meaning there’s no delay in the conversion process.

We offer a high-quality garage conversion service, ensuring that all our work is tidy and organised. This includes packing away our tools once the job is completed, we always work to a professional and courteous standard.

Conversion Options

We are highly experienced in garage conversions, serving a measurable number of customers who have been delighted with our outstanding service and variety of options on offer. You are assured quality throughout.

Our options are limitless, allowing you to achieve a truly bespoke design. You could add a valuable extra bedroom to hold guests or boost property value, or perhaps something different? The choice is completely yours.

We offer great office designs, kitchen layouts, playroom plans or even a simple dining room that blends in with the rest of your property. Customise these ideas to create a unique design that is perfect for you.

Perks of Garage Conversions

• Cost-effective alternative to extensions or moving home.
• Perfect living space to conduct regular activities.
• Removes unused, unloved space.
• Increases your property’s value.
• Blends in better with the home.


We appreciate for most customers they have not had windows installed in their garage before. We supply and fit beautiful, high-performance windows that will light up your room naturally.

Your room will be thermally-efficient, meaning there are no extra costs making your room habitable. We recommend installing a heating system, but you’ll save money by leaving it off more often.

Picture your garage in another light, with windows, luscious furniture, and people surrounding the room making it a much more comfortable space. Our garage conversions are highly cost-effective.

All-in-One Garage Conversion Service

We provide professional maintenance services to complete your new renovation. You’ll benefit from high-quality drainage systems, powerful electrical supply, and high-performance heating systems.

Our variety of services stretches beyond maintenance, as we offer unique decorating services such as high-quality painting, plastering, floor-fitting and carpentry. We’ll be able to offer a high quality service across the board.

With every garage conversion, we will scale up the size and fittings to ensure everything is exactly the right way around and looks perfect once complete. You won’t have to settle for less with Brit Home Improvements.


Our great garage conversions are available at fantastic prices. This allows you to enhance your property with an outstanding conversion in a cost-effective and affordable way. It’s never been easier to enhance your home.

Garage conversions are cheaper and quicker than a full extension. Not only does this mean you’ll be paying less, it also means you’ll be able to enjoy a new addition to your home sooner. We work to minimise stress and hassle.

The quality of garage conversions that we offer means that they uphold impressive standards of thermal efficiency. Over the course of the year, your home will retain heat to a better standard, reducing heating costs as a result.

Garage Conversion Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our professional team, we’ll be able to tailor your garage conversion price to your exact specifications.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via this method should you require any more information regarding our conversions or any of our other high quality, comprehensive services.

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