Building Services

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Building Services

We provide a full suite of building services that deliver great results for any project. Our skilled workforce use their knowledge and experience to complete any project to exemplary standards. We use a professional team to provide you with an excellent service for any residential project.

Whether you have a planned upgrade or you need to react to a problem that has recently emerged, our team have the skills to help.  It could be an upgrade affecting the whole property or a simple, small repair. Whatever the size and scale of the job, we have the experience to fulfil your requirements.

Our comprehensive approach means that we can provide you with a full personalised service from start to finish. We will advise you about the options available to you, allowing you to make an informed choice about how we proceed, helping us deliver a bespoke solution and eliminate any unnecessary work.

Combining the skills and experience of our many professionals with our outstanding service and attention to detail means your project will be completed on time and within budget. Whatever the size or complexity of your project, we represent fantastic value for money.

Building Services

Assessment And Advice

We will always begin with an initial assessment to see what options are available to you. Our years of experience mean that we can provide you with an honest assessment. The information provided will help you make the right decision as to how to proceed.

Heating And Plumbing

The heating and plumbing of your home are vitally important. Most people have experienced the inconvenience of no hot water, or even no water at all. Whether it’s a new washer for a leaky tap, replacing a pipe or perhaps something more extensive, we have the skills to help.

Our Gas Safe Registered professionals can assist with any heating issues you may face. We can repair plumbing and heating systems and replace boilers. Modern domestic boilers are significantly more efficient, will save you money on your energy bills and will occupy less space.


Electricity is part of our everyday lives and it’s hard to think about life without it. It can also be extremely dangerous. This makes it incredibly important to have qualified professionals carry out any maintenance and repairs. You can rest assured that our highly skilled experts will complete any jobs competently and safely.


We have the necessary experience to perform more complex tasks like structural repairs. Our services include removing or remodelling load bearing walls. We carry out roof repairs including temporary roof structures. Any internal alterations you can think of, as well as basement work.


However big or small your project, we have the skills to help. We provide the same level of service and attention to detail in smaller, simpler jobs, as we do with larger, more complex jobs. From hanging curtains poles, putting up shelves, fitted cat flaps and repairing windows, we do it all.


Our team also work efficiently outdoors, from concrete and tarmac work for driveways, to paving slabs for patios. We can provide clearing services for gardens and cleaning services for fascias and guttering. Anything you need for your outside space from repairing fencing to landscaping.

Finishing Touches

Because we offer a full service, you can be sure that every task we undertake will be wholly completed – including the finish. When completing a repair, we do not settle for restoring functionality. We also bolster aesthetics. This means the job is truly completed from start to finish.

Excellent Service

Our service provides excellence as standard. Our personalised service is tailored to your individual requirements, from the first step to the last. We are dedicated to providing the very best service for every piece of work we do, maintaining our high standard of work every time.

Quality Assured

We are proud of the work that we do for our customers. No matter what size of project, the completed work will always meet our high standards.

This is achieved through the combination of high-quality materials and expert workmanship. We guarantee satisfaction across the board. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with the results of combining quality materials with our quality craftsmanship.

Fully Health and Safety Compliance

Safety is very important to us. We always tidy up after ourselves and remove any potential hazards to ensure the safety of your family and home.

Our experienced professionals carry out work to the latest health and safety standards, providing you with a service you can trust.

You’ll able to enjoy complete peace of mind across all of our building services. Secure yourself the best by choosing Brit Home Improvements.

Affordable Prices

We strongly believe in providing a top-quality service for a reasonable price, allowing you to enjoy a premium building service for less.

The scope of services that we offer and range of projects that we can take on are vast. This makes us incredibly versatile in our costing.

Our team of building services experts will be able to tailor your price to your exact specifications, making things as cost-effective as possible.

Building Services Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be able to tailor your buildign services quote to your requirements.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via this method should you have any questions regarding our building services or prices.

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